Erratum: Acquired resistance to zoledronic acid and the parallel acquisition of an aggressive phenotype are mediated by p38-MAP kinase activation in prostate cancer cells

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Correction to: Cell Death and Disease (2013) 4, e641; doi:10.1038/cddis.2013.165; published online 23 May 2013

Since the publication of this paper the authors have noticed the blots in Figure 5c displaying p-PHSP27 and HSP27 were incorrect. The correct figure is shown below. The corrected article appears online together with this corrigendum.

Figure 5

P38-MAPK activation was involved in the resistance to ZOL of DU145R80 cells. (a) Analysis of p38-MAPK and HSP27 activation evaluated by a phosphoprotein ELISA-based immunoassay (see Materials and Methods) (a and b) and by western blot (a and b inset panels). Values from phosphoprotein assay are means±S.D. of two independent experiments performed in triplicates and statistical analysis of DU145R80 versus DU145 cells is reported (*P=0.037, p38-MAPK; P=0.005, HSP27). (c) DU145R80 cells were treated for 96 h with increasing concentrations of ZOL alone or after 24 h of pretreatment with SB 30 μ M and compared with DU145 treated with ZOL alone. Cell growth expressed as percentage of control was assessed by sulforhodamine B colorimetric assay (see Materials and Methods) and each point is the mean±S.D. of three independent experiments. Expression of p-HSP27 and HSP-27 in DU145R80 cells untreated or treated with SB 30 μ M for 24 h were evaluated by western blot (inset panel). (d) Apoptosis evaluated by AnnexinV binding and cytofluorimetric analysis in DU145R80 cells untreated or treated with ZOL 20 μ M alone or in combination with SB 30 μ M for 48 h. Values of apoptotic cells are means±S.D. of three independent experiments and were expressed as per cent of untreated cells (100%). Statistical analysis demonstrated significant differences only in ZOL+SB combination versus untreated cells (*P=0.026). (e) Soft-agar clonogenic assay was performed on DU145 and DU145R80 cells untreated or treated with ZOL alone (20 μ M) or in combination with SB (30 μ M) for 21 days, in 24-well plates. Colonies >100 μm were scored by a colony counter. Left: images from a representative experiment; right: values expressed as number of colonies are means±S.D. from at least two independent experiments performed in triplicates. Statistical analysis results are reported (*P<0.001, ZOL versus untreated cells in DU145; P=0.005, ZOL versus untreated cells in DU145R80; P=0.002, P=0.005, P=0.003, ZOL+SB combination versus untreated, versus ZOL or versus SB-treated cells, respectively, in DU145R80)

The authors would like to apologize for any inconvenience.

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