Table 4 Histomorphometric analysis of tibia at the metaphysis site (secondary spongiosa) in the control and 1.5 m impacted mice

From: Experimental repetitive mild traumatic brain injury induces deficits in trabecular bone microarchitecture and strength in mice

Parameters Control Impacted P-value
Mineralizing surface/mm 1.44±0.03 0.96±0.08 P=0.09
Bone formation rate (mm2×10−3 per day) 2.17±0.13 0.97±0.07 P<0.02
Mineral apposition rate (μm per day) 1.37±0.09 1.11±0.10 P=0.18
TRAP stained osteoclast surface/bone surface 9.83±0.45 11.86±0.49 P=0.30
  1. Values are mean±s.e., n=7–8.