Table 3: Cox regression model (n=167)

From: IGF-IR: a new prognostic biomarker for human glioblastoma

Model/P-valuePrognostic factorsHazard ratio95% CIP-value
 Complete resection0.670.45–0.980.039
 IGF-IR positive1.651.10–2.470.016
  1. Abbreviations: CI=confidence interval; IGF=insulin-like growth factor. The ‘Model/P-value’ indicates the overall level of significance of the multivariate model. With the exception of ‘Age’, which is a quantitative variable, all of the others are binary. Resection distinguishes between partial and complete, adjuvant treatment between radiotherapy and radiotherapy+temozolomide and IGF-IR between positive (LI1%) and negative (LI<1%). The individual P-values represent the levels of significance of the independent contributions of each factor.