The effects of α and γ interferons on human lung cancer cells grown in vitro or as xenografts in nude mice

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We have compared the effects of alpha and recombinant gamma interferons (IFNs) on the growth of human lung cancer cell lines in vitro. There was a diversity of response amongst the lines studied, the most sensitive being COR-L23 (a large cell anaplastic carcinoma line) and POC (a small cell line). In these two lines, IFN-gamma was found to be more potent than IFN-alpha. During cell growth of line POC in the presence of IFN-gamma no significant shift in cell cycle distribution occurred. When lines COR-L23 and POC were grown as xenograft tumours in nude mice, daily injection of 4 X 10(5) units per mouse per day of IFN-gamma produced no discernible retardation of tumour growth.

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