Clonogenic cell survival in cryopreserved human tumour cells


Cells from 3 human tumours have been grown in soft agar contained in Millipore diffusion chambers and implanted i.p. in mice. Clonal growth was obtained from fresh biopsy samples, from cryopreserved tissue, and from xenografts of the tissues in immune-suppressed mice. The radiosensitivities of a melanoma and an ovarian carcinoma were evaluated by in vitro irradiation before assay for colony formation. Xenografting did not modify the radiosensitivity of the melanoma. Cells from another tumour were exposed to Adriamycin or cyclophosphamide whilst contained within i.p. diffusion chambers, the sensitivity was similar for cryopreserved and xenografted cells. The results encourage further attempts to quantify the sensitivity of human tumour cells by these methods.

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Selby, P., Steel, G. Clonogenic cell survival in cryopreserved human tumour cells. Br J Cancer 43, 143–148 (1981) doi:10.1038/bjc.1981.22

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