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True genius

BDJ Team volume 5, Article number: 18062 (2018) | Download Citation

Oral-B's Genius brush, combined with the Oral-B App, provides the world's most intelligent brushing system, helping users to achieve the best possible at-home dental care.

It does this by combining the best cleaning technology - electric tooth-brushing - with the best guiding technology. Oral-B's oscillating-rotating-pulsating brush-heads provide an outstanding clean, while Oral-B's App makes sure that users brush for the right amount of time, with the right pressure, and that all zones of the mouth are covered evenly. Even the best cleaning and brushing technology in the world cannot help if it isn't applied everywhere evenly.

The position detection capability of the Oral-B Genius is what sets it apart. Other brushes cannot detect where users brush in their mouth as Genius can. Their systems give recommendations on where to brush, but cannot track if indeed the user brushes where their app tells them to do. If the user does not follow the guidance given on the app-screen, their brushes cannot detect where the brush is, and cannot help the user to brush correctly, or to improve their brushing style.

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