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Strong teeth make strong kids

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Oral-B is on a mission to support UK parents and carers to adopt appropriate home-based oral health behaviours and thereby reduce the number of children with toothache and dental problems – all through its #StrongTeethMakeStrongKids campaign. The oral health experts from Oral-B and the University of Leeds, have launched a research and education programme to give dental professionals and parents the right support to prevent these dental health issues from now on.

‘We are working closely with the UK's dental professionals by aiming to provide up to 20,000 dental professionals this year with simple and engaging educational materials for parents and their children during routine check-ups. Oral-B is committed to take on this challenge to sustainably improve the situation in the UK’, says Jane Kidson, Oral-B Professional Team Leader UK and Ireland.

Combined with the right dental care products, these positive oral health messages are designed to encourage parents to lead the way, so they can see that these oral health issues are mostly preventable with simple changes to their families’ daily oral care routine.

Here is a snapshot of the brand's educational materials that dental professionals can use to support the conversations that they are having with parents and carers:

  1. Brushing from first tooth to five years

  2. Friends and family can support healthy habits

  3. Make brushing fun for children

  4. Healthy eating can help protect teeth.

Maintaining good oral health and establishing the right healthy habits early on will help children progress along the key ‘Strong Teeth’ milestones. They include their first dental visit, the arrival of their first tooth or teeth, and then the first time they use an electric power toothbrush (from the age of three onwards).


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