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Helping infants to cut teeth

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UK-made Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits for Children are a simple and natural antidote for infants' teething woes invented over 90 years ago.

Designed by a Harley Street paediatrician, the biscuits are designed to exercise a baby's jaw, develop their jaw muscles and also soothe teething pain. They are aimed at infants aged six months and over. The long shape of the biscuit allows babies to bite at the front and the back of the mouth. The hardness of the Bickiepegs biscuit satisfies the bite that emerging teeth require to help them grow straight and well-spaced.

Today the biscuits are handcrafted and packed in a dedicated bakery in Aberdeenshire. Every single biscuit is subject to four inspections before it leaves the factory. Just as they were first made, without any artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings, no added salt or sugar, the recipe remains exactly the same today.

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Patients can download a handy teething chart for their children from

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