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Dental radiology

BDJ Team volume 3, Article number: 16150 (2016) | Download Citation

This book is written by Andrea Fuhrmann and published by Thieme. It costs £36 (ISBN 9783132004214).

This comprehensive book is an excellent resource for all dental professionals including undergraduate students, dental nurses and practising dentists. It provides a broad overview on the theory of dental radiology and a detailed coverage on the different radiological procedures.

The first half of the book focuses on radiation physics, the biology of radiation effects and radiation pathology. This is a very useful revision tool for anyone looking to refresh their knowledge on the effects of radiation.

The book also covers in depth the fundamentals of dental radiography, including exposure techniques, radiation safety and film processing. There are plenty of radiographic images, clinical photos and step-by-step illustrations to help aid the understanding of radiographic procedures.

The use of advanced imaging methods such as conventional tomography (CT) and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is covered in detail.

There is a chapter on the basic principles of radiation protection and quality assurance in dental radiology. It provides a good explanation of the standards governing dental radiology and will help dental professionals ensure compliance with the guidelines is in place within the dental setting.

The last chapter is of particular use to students and dentists, containing a section on the assessment and diagnosis of radiographic findings, including the most common pathological changes.

In brief, the book is easy to read, providing essential overall understanding of dental radiology and key concepts. I certainly recommend this book for anyone looking for an effective revision guide.

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