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Local anesthesia for the dental hygienist, 2nd edition

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This book is written by Demetra Daskalos Logothetis and published by Elsevier. It costs around £52.19 (see (ISBN 9780323396332).

This book was such an interesting and easy read for me and I'm sure those who have been in this profession for over 20 years will have longed for an informative and supportive textbook like this.

It is a guide to successfully administering pain-free anaesthesia. Dental hygienist and accomplished author Demetra Logothetis, who has over 15 years' experience in teaching local anaesthesia and pain control, has written this excellent reference textbook that includes material aimed at the student dental hygienist. It helps prepare the reader for confident and successful administration of local anaesthesia.

The information contained in the book is presented well and is clear and easy to follow. Each chapter begins with learning objectives, culminating in goals that will be achieved, and ends with review questions – an important aid for good revision practice.

Case studies are included throughout – relating to problem solving and reassuring the clinician to overcome and acknowledge patients' needs. This leads me on to the inclusion and focus in the book on the human-need theory and understanding patients' perceptions of local anaesthesia.

The human-need paradigm helps the clinician understand the relationship between human needs fulfilment and human behaviour: surely being able to read and understand how patients may perceive treatment will demonstrate in establishing a stress-free dental experience for both clinician and patient.

For me, treating and alleviating dental pain with effective anaesthesia is such an asset! An inexperienced student will gain confidence from the chapter on basic injection techniques. It includes superb steps, helpful techniques, and useful, high-quality colour photos carrying out specific procedures.

The book also looks at operator and patient positioning; insertion points; amount of anaesthesia required; working time; anatomy; sharps management; infection control; maxillary and mandibular injections; and has distinctive summaries reviewing concepts, procedures, techniques and effects. In addition it contains a useful glossary.

This second edition of the book also focuses on delivery techniques and protocol required for paediatric and adolescent patients.

I would, without hesitation, encourage and recommend this textbook to the student hygienist, including it in their essential revision reading. I would also recommend it to the qualified hygienist as a superlative reference.

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