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The first toothbrush with position detection technology

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The newly-launched Oral-B Genius intelligent toothbrushing system features ground-breaking Position Detection Technology, combining cutting-edge motion sensor technology located in the brush and video recognition using your smartphone's camera to track areas being brushed - so that no zone in the mouth is missed.

When patients brush with the Oral-B Genius, they receive instant feedback on the brushing of each zone of the mouth via the Oral-B App 4.1, including guidance on pressure applied and brushing duration. These features, combined with the Oral-B Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating Technology and the unique round brush head, helps patients improve their oral health.

The real-time feedback given through the app helps patients to brush for the recommended two minutes and avoid pressing too hard or missing an area of the mouth - for example right-handers not spending enough time in the lower right hand side of the mouth.

Oral-B Genius enables more effective brushing every day. It comes with a smart travel case which charges both the brush and a USB device such as a smartphone; a practical smartphone holder supporting placement of your phone on the mirror in the bathroom; a lithium-ion battery for at least two weeks of brushing between charges; and SmartRing, a personalised multicolour 360° lighting system, featuring 12 different coloured lights for customisation.

The Oral-B Genius and 4.1 App are available from July 2016.


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