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Sponges that hold 40-50 times their weight in blood

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Haemostasis is crucial for controlling blood flow during dental interventions. HYGITECH haemostatic sponges are made of high quality gelatine, highly processed and purified, offering good adhesion to the bleeding site, promoting the formation of the fibrin network essential to efficient coagulation. Resorption is complete in 3-4 weeks.

As a macro-porous sponge, HYGITECH haemostatic sponges are insoluble in water with a rapid absorption capacity, equivalent to 40-50 times their weight in blood or other liquids. HYGITECH sponges are easy to use and malleable; they are combined with an antibacterial agent; and they can be cut to fit the bleeding area. They are delivered in single sterile blister packs.

HYGITECH is a German manufacturer and distributor of specialised dentistry products, from dental instruments to surgical preparation to sterilisation.

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