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The state of children's teeth in this country continues to be in the headlines, despite all of your best efforts as dental professionals and - I'm sure for many of you - as parents. As both an editor in dental publishing and the parent of a toddler, the headlines are of particular interest to me. My son is only 14 months and is already showing a definite leaning towards sweeter flavours (I'm sure this is not rare), and moving away from the bottle with a child who loves his milk more than anything else is a feat we have yet to achieve. So I was keen to sign him up for regular dental appointments. Little did I expect that the first two surgeries local to me that I telephoned would not take children under two! Having mentioned this on social media, our regular contributor Michael Young offered the article you will find in this issue of BDJ Team, Welcoming children into your practice.

Mike is a former GDP with a special interest in children's dentistry and in this article he answers some of the questions parents and guardians might ask you about their child's dental care.

In complement to this piece, we also include ‘top ten tips for toddler teeth’, a handy guide that you can use as a reference or even distribute to patients with young children, written by Claire Stevens, a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, mum of two and representative of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry.

It's not all about kids in this issue. Our CPD article is on the very important topic of resuscitation in medical emergencies; we have an interview with a dental hygienist-turned-inventor; and feature an original BDJ article evaluating a patient anxiety service led by dental nurses.

This issue also features that rare addition to our regular content, a letters page. Correspondent Claire has reopened a familiar topic, that of dental nurse salaries. If you would like to respond to Claire or open any other topics, please drop me a line or message me on Facebook.

The next BDJ Team will be in September - enjoy the summer!

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