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Offer personalised oral care kits

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In aesthetic dentistry, preventive maintenance is one of the keys to increasing the success rate of cosmetic treatments and decreasing risks of failure due to poor oral hygiene. To achieve an unsurpassed level of oral hygiene leading to excellent gum health, the challenge is to eliminate odour causing Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSCs) and bacteria associated with the build-up of plaque, tooth decay and gum problems.

UltraDEX bridges the gap between professional and home care. With clinically proven technology, powered by stabilised chlorine dioxide, UltraDEX works with the natural oral pH, helps protect against plaque, restores natural whiteness by gently oxidising organic stains and instantly eliminates bad breath compounds (VSCs) for 12 hours.

Free from alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate, the UltraDEX Performance Oral Care range is gentle, effective and safe for long term daily use. Suitable for use in the surgery and at home, UltraDEX guarantees exceptional oral health on your patient’s visits and for 363 days a year when not in your care.

To encourage patient compliance and help enhance treatment outcomes UltraDEX Oral Care Kits have been developed, which can be personalised with practice details. For further information, visit or email


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