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Act early against gum disease

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As undiagnosed and untreated periodontal disease is one of the fastest growing areas of litigation and complaints in dentistry,1 acting early against gum disease has never been so important. The Dental Defence Union (DDU) recommends use of the Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE) to help reduce the risk of a claim for failing to diagnose periodontal disease.

First produced by the British Society of Periodontology in 1986,2 the BPE is a simple screening tool to identify your patient’s periodontal status. All patients should have the BPE performed and their score recorded, which will enable you, as a dental professional, to advise them on how to best protect their gum health.

With over 30 years’ gum care expertise, Corsodyl is committed to helping dental professionals to identify the signs of periodontitis as early as possible. Corsodyl has recently launched two free materials to help in the identification and prevention of gum disease, using the BPE.

Gum Health – A Practitioner’s Guide is a handy booklet designed to refresh your knowledge of the BPE, as well as the signs, symptoms and risk factors. Visit to request your free copy.

Compatible with iPhones and iPads, the Corsodyl Guide to BPE & Gum Health mobile app is designed to be a quick reference tool for the BPE. It features a description and clinical image of each BPE code and a summary of recommended treatment. To download the free app, visit the iTunes App Store and search ‘BPE app’.


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