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Perinatal/Neonatal Case Presentation

VATS management of an enlarging multicystic pneumatocele


A multicystic pneumatocele progressively enlarged when the patient required positive pressure ventilation for an intercurrent respiratory syncytial virus infection. Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery was used to visualize the pneumatocele for cannulation. One chamber of the pneumatocele was cannulated with a pigtail catheter and another large chamber ruptured, without cannulation. The multicystic pneumatocele resolved with this therapy.

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Fujii, A., Moulton, S. VATS management of an enlarging multicystic pneumatocele. J Perinatol 28, 445–447 (2008).

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  • pneumatocele
  • VATS
  • RDS
  • RSV
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