Table 2 Themes and Descriptive Elements about how Providers Work Together

From: Working Together in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Provider Perspectives

Themes Descriptive elements
Provider Characteristics Personal attributes: “depends on the people involved”
   Personal attributes
   Attitudes toward others, work
  Reputation: “Perception difficult to change”
   Previous experiences
   Respect and trust
   Knowing the other
  Expertise: “builds with experience”
   Knowledge and skills
   Education and certification
Work Place Factors Staffing: “anyone who impacts the way work is done”
   Defined by discipline
   Continually changing
   Familiarity with one another
   Number of workers
  Work organization: “goes according to roles and responsibilities, it is complex with many variables”
   Complexity and type of work
   Processes and protocols versus own way of doing things
   Accountability and responsibility offers checks and balances
   Title, seniority, unit protocol determine what one does
  Work environment: “how they all come together to get the work done”
   Sense of community versus conflict
   Way problems are solved
Group Influences Communication among providers: “it is the skill and style of how you share information”
   Skill and style of questions, documentation and sharing information
   Integrity and accountability
   Communicating across hierarchy
  Relationships: “get to know one another working together over time”
   Hierarchy: flat or structured
   Seniority and chain of command
   Alliances and trust
   Shared experiences
  Teams: “work for the same goal, to give the best care for the patient”
   Definition varied by discipline or purpose
   Coordinate care
   Shared responsibility and accountability
   Need someone in charge
   Influenced by the people involved