The journal Nature Chemistry will not appear until early 2009, but its chief editor, Stuart Cantrill, is already planning its content ... and writing about it. Cantrill writes on the Sceptical Chymist, the NPG blog that discusses research and events of interest to the chemical community, that the name is the only part of the journal that exists so far — but that things will quickly change. In his series of 'Journal journeys', Cantrill is keeping a diary of how Nature Chemistry is taking shape. Readers can follow the journeys at

The first entry, posted on 21 January, is called 'Day -11', because Cantrill officially begins his new role on 1 February. Until then, he will be handling manuscripts submitted to Nature Nanotechnology, where he is currently senior editor.

His first task for Nature Chemistry will begin on 31 January, the closing date for applications for associate editor positions. He will be looking through them all, but seeking out those that contain no spelling mistakes and include all the requested information and documents.