Nautilus, Nature Publishing Group's blog for past, present and future authors, is updated several times a day with a range of relevant news stories and information for scientists. Many published papers reach a wider audience than the readers of a journal alone by being included on subject-specific e-alerts such as chemistry, neuroscience, physics and cell signalling. Nautilus also tells you which of these featured papers are freely accessible.

We discuss planned changes to Nature journal policy with you on Nautilus, seeking your input on topics such as how best to describe animal experimentation in methods sections; retraction of flawed papers; and general availability of data and source code.

Our blog posts also provide writing advice, news of awards and prizes, discussions about measures of impact and publishing news — for example, our launch of new websites and journals, or special issues of our journals or groups of journals. All posts are open for reader feedback, and an RSS feed is available. We look forward to seeing you there and reading your contributions to the discussion.