In the Journal Club, the popular weekly column published on Nature's Research Highlights pages, a researcher presents his or her choice of a recent paper and explains why they are enthused about it. On page 617 of this issue, for example, Gautam Desiraju of the University of Hyderabad in India applauds an algorithm that predicts the structure of crystals from their chemical composition.

Because the point of any journal club, whether in person or online, is to dissect and discuss selected articles 'around the table', we have now launched a Journal Club blog ( There, we invite readers to examine the subjects raised in the columns, archived back to January of this year. To browse all published Journal Club columns in your field, you can select by one of 18 subject categories listed on the blog's main page. Please take a look at the entries in your research area, and, as Oliver Morton puts it (, “enrich their comment threads with your insight and speculation”.