Table 1: Regression of fitness trait estimates (log-transformed) against genotypic hybrid index values

From: Genealogy, morphology and fitness of spontaneous hybrids between wild and cultivated chicory (Cichorium intybus)

Fitness traitSample sizeR2P-valueSlope direction
Above-ground biomass1630.257***Cultivar>wild
Flower stem height1630.313***Cultivar>wild
Root size1630.132***Cultivar>wild
Shoot to root1630.123***Cultivar>wild
Flowering termination1610.245***Cultivar>wild
Flowering length1610.259***Cultivar>wild
Capitulae per plant1610.377***Cultivar>wild
Seeds per capitulum161 NSCultivar=wild
Seeds per plant1610.365***Cultivar>wild
  1. For each dependent fitness trait is showed the sample size, explanatory power, significance level (***P<0.001) and direction of the regression slope (wild versus cultivar). Sample sizes vary because two plants produced only flower stem but no flower buds.