Table a1 Factor loadings for foods associated with each dietary pattern: Singapore Chinese Health Study (Butler et al, 2006)

From: Prospective study of dietary patterns and colorectal cancer among Singapore Chinese

Vegetable–fruit–soy Meat–dim sum
Food item Food type a Loading factor ( × 100) Food item Food type a Loading factor ( × 100)
Cauliflower V 55 Siew mai DS, M 46
Broccoli V 50 Other steamed snack DS, M 44
Carrots V 49 Gravy noodle M, St 43
Green beans/peas V 48 Chicken rice M, St 42
Other plain tofu in soups, mixed dishes or alone S 46 Otar otar (spiced fish paste) DS 41
Tung goo V 43 Pork satay M 40
Tomatoes V 43 Chicken, mutton curry M 39
Corn V 43 Glutinous rice dumpling DS, St 39
Yin choi, po choi V 43 Steamed meat bao DS, M 39
Kai lan V 42 Popiah DS, M 38
Head lettuce, Chinese lettuce V 42 Ngor hiang DS, M 38
Gum jum, dried fungus V 42 Chinese rojak DS, V 37
Tou gay, tai tau nga V 41 Puffs, such as curry or bean DS, V 37
Pak choy, siew pak choy V 41 Chicken satay M 37
Choi sum V 41 Roasted duck or goose M 37
White potatoes V 40 Coconut rice dishes St 36
Other tau kwa S 40 Roti prata St 36
Fu kua, mo qua V 39 Other pig organs M 36
Watercress V 39 Preserved eggs O 35
Head cabbage, wong nga pak V 38 Deep fried chicken M 35
Celery V 37 Coconut desserts DS 34
Foojook vegetarian meats S 36 Other flavoured rice, such as duck or char siew St 34
Kai choi V 36 Curry rice St 34
Apple F 35 Deep-fried snack, such as jian dui, fried prawn or fish ball, etc. DS 33
Cucumber V 34 Dry noodle dish, such as fishball, chicken or wanton mee M, St 33
Yong tau foo S 33 Belly pork M 33
Other tau pok in soups, mixed dishes, or alone S 33 Lup chong M 33
Other dark green leaves V 32 Other fried noodle St 32
Papaya F 31 Luncheon meat M 31
Pear F 31 Fried rice St 30
Honeydew F 31 Squid M 30
Gee choi V 30    
% variance explained   7.3    7.2
Coefficient α   0.81    0.76
  1. aV=vegetable, S=soyfood, F=fruit, M=meat dish (includes fish/shellfish), DS=dim sum/snack dish, St=high-starch item (e.g., rice dish, noodle dish, bread), O=other.