Table 1 Key results from phase III trials of HPV vaccines

From: HPV and cervical cancer: screening or vaccination?

Vaccine name Gardasil ® Cervarix ®
Time of follow-up 36 months (advanced) 15 months (interim)
HPV types included 6, 11, 16, 18 16, 18
Efficacy HPV 16 or 18 CIN 2+ Proven Proven
 Efficacy HPV 16 CIN 2+ Proven Proven
 Efficacy HPV 18 CIN 2+ Proven Not yet provena
 Efficacy 16 or 18 CIN 2 Proven Proven
 Efficacy 16 or 18 CIN 3 Proven Not yet provena
Therapeutic efficacy None None
Efficacy on VIN 2/3 Proven Not yet reported
Efficacy on VAIN 2/3 Proven Not yet reported
Efficacy on genital warts Proven Not in target
Safety at 6 years follow-up Safeb Safec
Tolerability Acceptable Acceptable
Cross protection (persistent HPV infection) 6 months 12 months
Cross protection (lesions) Reported Not yet reported
Duration of protectiond 5–6 years 5–6 years
Immunogenicity in preadolescents Proven Proven
Immunogenicity in older women Proven Proven
Immune memory at 6 years Proven Not yet reported
  1. CIN=cervical intraepithelial neoplasia; HPV=human papillomavirus.
  2. aProven in combined analysis of Phase II and III trials.
  3. bIn postlicensing evaluation (
  4. cIn clinical trials.
  5. dCorresponds to duration of trials in 2007.