Table 1 Survival time of various mouse strains following intravenous infection with M. tuberculosis H37Rv

From: A new coding mutation in the Tnf-α leader sequence in tuberculosis-sensitive I/St mice causes higher secretion levels of soluble TNF-α

Mouse strain (H2 haplotype) Mean survival time±s.e.m. (days)
A/Sn (H2a) 45.3±2.0
I/St (H2j) 23.5±1.4*
B10 (H2b) 54.3±3.7
B10.WB (H2j) 38.0±2.9**
B10.BR (H2k) 63.0±4.2
B10.D2 (H2d) 60.5±3.6
  1. M. tuberculosis suspensions were prepared and infections were carried out in 8–10 weeks old male and female mice as previously described.2
  2. Infection dose: 5 × 105 CFUs for A/Sn and I/St mice, and 106 CFUs for B10 and the H2-congenic mice on B10 background.
  3. *P<0.00001 compared to A/Sn strain;
  4. **P<0.01 compared to other B10 strains using unpaired two-tailed t-test.
  5. Data for A/Sn and I/St mice were published previously.2