Table 7.33675 Fixing post-publication review

From: Reproducibility: A tragedy of errors

  How to prevent statistical errors in submissions How to streamline post-publication corrections
Research teams Tap statistical expertise in the design and analysis of studies from the start. Describe analyses thoroughly. Curate data and computer code so that they can be made easily available (for a registry of public data repositories, see
Manuscript editors Create protocols to identify papers that need statistical scrutiny and send them to qualified reviewers Address readers’ concerns swiftly. Use formal expressions of concern as an alert that work is under scrutiny — rather than for condemnation.
Journals and publishers Require raw data and analysis code to be made available during review. Create protocols to manage expressions of concern. State clearly who readers should contact and train editors to navigate protocols. Waive publication fees and paywalls for expressions of concern and retractions.
Publishers, editors and researchers must all up their game.