Table 1 Y chromosome haplotypes found in the seven families on Tristan da Cunha

From: Genealogy and genes: tracing the founding fathers of Tristan da Cunha

Family a No. of males b Haplogroup c Haplotype d
1 5/5 R-M207 15-12-25-10-14-13
2 3/3 R-M207 14-12-24-11-13-13
3 9/13 R-M207 14-12-23-11-13-13
  4/13 R-M207 14-12-23-10-13-13 e
4 8/9 R-M207 14-12-24-10-13-14
  1/9 R-SRY10831.2 16-12-25-10-11-13 f
5 16/19 R-M207 14-12-23-10-14-13
  3/19 I-M170 14-14-22-10-11-13g
6 10/11 I-M170 16-13-24-10-11-13
  1/11 R-M207 14-12-23-10-14-13g
7 14/16 I-M170 14-14-22-10-11-13
  2/16 R-M207 14-12-23-10-14-13g
  1. aOut of respect for the sensitivities of the present inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha, numbers were arbitrarily assigned to the families in order to avoid identification.
  2. bNumber of males with the haplotype relative to the number of males tested in the family.
  3. cHaplogroups are defined by mutation as suggested by YCC.12
  4. dMicrosatellite haplotypes are based on the alleles (repeat numbers) at the following loci in the order DYS19, DYS388, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393.
  5. eMost likely derived from the haplotype associated with family 3 because of a single-step mutation at DYS391.
  6. fDue to introduction from the ‘outside’ – it does not match any Y lineages associated with surnames on the island. This haplotype differs from all other island haplotypes by the mutation SRY10831.2, a G to A reversion at the SRY10831 locus.
  7. gMost likely introduced from another family on the island.
  8. Note: Haplotypes shown in bold are associated with the families or surnames on Tristan da Cunha. The two additional haplotypes are shown in italics.