Table 1: Drugs to help the blood  A number of treatments to aid blood clotting are in clinical trials or have been approved this year.

From: Clotting factors: Stretching time

 ProductApproachCompanyHalf-life (hours)Status
Factor VIII infusions (for haemophilia A)
Conventional infusion half-life: 8-12 hours
EloctateFc fusion proteinBiogen Idec20FDA approved in June 2014
BAX 855PEGylationBaxter International19Submission for approval planned for late 2014
BAY94-9027PEGylationBayer19Submission for approval planned for mid-2015
N8-GPPEGylationNovo Nordisk19Submission for approval planned for 2018
Factor IX infusions (for haemophilia B)
Conventional infusion half-life: 18–24 hours
rIX-FPAlbumin fusionCSL Behring92In clinical trials
N9-GPPEGylationNovo Nordisk110Submission for approval planned for 2015
AlprolixFc fusion proteinBiogen Idec87FDA approved in March 2014
  1. FDA, US Food and Drug Administration.