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Contrary to what you imply in your online News article, staff cuts are not sounding a “death knell” for the Lauder research station run by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) in New Zealand ( We at NIWA reaffirm the institute's commitment to continuing its long-term atmospheric measurements, which are crucial for climate research.

NIWA sites at Lauder and Arrival Heights, Antarctica, will maintain their multi-instrument measurement programmes to monitor radiation, ozone and a range of atmospheric trace gases. National and international scientific expertise will continue to oversee and support these activities. NIWA is increasing its investment in instrumental capacity at both sites, and is continuing the long-term observations made on behalf of overseas institutions.

The review of NIWA's Lauder staff retains three of six atmospheric-scientist positions and the five technicians, and creates one new measurement-scientist post; two of the departing scientists will still take part in an emeritus capacity. A measurement scientist and a technician based at other NIWA sites will lend further support.

The review outcome is a reprioritization in favour of long-term monitoring, rather than a major change in Lauder's research direction (see

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