Bell's orofacial pains

  • J.P. Okeson
UK: Quintessence price £47, pp 592 ISBN 086715439X | ISBN: 0-867-15439-X

This book covers almost every conceivable syndrome in the field of orofacial pain, and is exhaustive in the meticulous analysis of many of the lesser known conditions. However, the many pages dedicated to uncommon manifestations of pain are perhaps at the expense of the ones that the general practitioner is much more likely to encounter on a regular basis. Also, the 100 odd pages written about the neurophysiology of pain may seem a little excessive to the majority of readers.

Another factor making this book less suited to the general practitioner is the relative lack of information given with regard to the management of the simpler conditions. Where specific drug regimes are mentioned, dosage often is not.

Finally, the fact that the book is American is reflected in the difference in opinion for certain treatment. Stereotactic Radiosurgery is not mentioned anywhere, and other principles of treatment that are not considered as first line in the UK are described in detail.

Overall though, this is a well written text that will provide answers to many questions. It certainly has its place with the specialist, but I feel there are better texts out there to cater for the needs of the GDP.