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Oral pathology

Oral pyogenic granuloma in Jordanians: a retrospective analysis of 108 cases

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The recurrence rate was 6%.


Al Khateeb T, Ababneh K J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2003; 61: 1285–1288

Over a period of 11 years, 108 patients (68 female) aged 3-85 yrs had pyogenic granulomata removed in a Jordanian university dental clinic. Pregnancy lesions were excluded. Most lesions were treated in the second to fourth decades of life. Nearly half of the lesions were on the gingiva, followed by the lower lip, tongue, buccal mucosa, upper lip and palate.

Treatment was by surgical excision, and histopathological findings were unremarkable in all cases. The authors noted that their results supported a traumatic aetiology for lesions not on the gingiva. During the 2-12 yr follow-up, 23 patients failed to return, but in those who did, there were 5 recurrences.

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