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The layman's view of orthodontics: a literary review


It is probably true to say that the masticatory apparatus attracts proportionally greater attention than any other part of the body. Evidence that this is so is provided, not only by the degree of specialisation within the dental profession, but by the frequency with which references to teeth and dentistry crop up in literature. Generations of biographers, novelists, poets, playwrights and essayists have written about their dental experiences and included the dentition in describing the facial appearance of characters, factual and fictional. The literary extracts in this article, culled from an extensive collection, refer to orthodontics. They provide a fascinating insight into the patient's perspective on that speciality and make entertaining reading


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Richardson, M. The layman's view of orthodontics: a literary review. Br Dent J 185, 324–327 (1998).

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