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Use of proprietary agents to relieve recurrent aphthous stomatitis


Aim: To examine the subjective efficacy of proprietary agents for aphthous stomatitis.

Design: A simple open study.

Setting: Hospital out-patients in the UK in 1993.

Subjects: 50 consecutive patients with aphthae.

Outcome: Patients assessed agent efficacy as very effective, possibly effective or not effective at relieving symptoms.

Results: 38 of 54 available agents were used. Difflam Oral Rinse (benzydamine hydrochloride) appeared to give most control of pain. Overall, Corsodyl mouthwash (chlorhexidine gluconate) gave most beneficial effect.

Conclusions: Difflam and Corsodyl appear to give some symptomatic relief to aphthous victims


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Edres, M., Scully, C. & Gelbier, M. Use of proprietary agents to relieve recurrent aphthous stomatitis. Br Dent J 182, 144–146 (1997).

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