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50 & 100 years ago

50 Years Ago

The heavy nuclear explosion on October 30, 1961, at 8.33.33 G.M.T. at a distance of 1,160 km. in Novaya Zemlya (presumably at tropospheric heights) was recorded at Sodankylä by means of a seismograph, a microbarograph, a magnetograph, and a vertical incidence ionosonde. The deflection of the microbarograph took place at 9.42 G.M.T. with an amplitude of about ± 1 mb ... On October 31, the microbarograph again showed two very distinct and strong deflexions, namely, at 18.32 and 21.38 G.M.T. These deflexions are interpreted as being caused by round-the-world waves due to the same nuclear explosion, one being propagated in the backward, the other in the forward, direction. The mean velocity deduced from these round-the-world waves is 311 m./sec ... The waves are supposed to have been guided in the spherical shell between the ground and the stratopause.

From Nature 23 December 1961

100 Years Ago

The Rubber-Planter's Notebook. By Frank Braham — This book is what it purports to be, a handy book of reference on Para rubber planting, with hints on the maintenance of health in the tropics and other general information of utility to the rubber planter ... The author's section on general information will be found specially useful ... for the young planter going out to the East for the first time; but for the older resident in the tropics “drink as little as possible—fluids inflate the bowel” is dangerous advice ... If blackwater fever is encountered death in such cases may be the result ... In these essential rules also mention of the all-important hot bath and change at sundown would have added to their completeness.

From Nature 21 December 1911

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