Your News story on China's science journals (Nature 467, 261; 2010) inaccurately described the Journal of Zhejiang University-Science (JZUS) as a 'campus' journal. In fact, it is an international publication with a pool of some 7,600 referees from more than 67 countries ( On average, 64.4% of its contributions come from outside Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, of which 50% are from more than 46 countries and regions. The editorial board is international too.

There are roughly 5,000 science, technology and medical periodicals in China, including more than 200 published in English. Around 1,000 are university ('campus') journals that mostly publish papers from a specific institution, many of which were launched during the country's early reform and opening-up stage from 1978 into the 1980s. This also happened in Japan — the only difference being that most university journals in China are multidisciplinary in content, whereas those in Japan usually focus on one subject or subject group.