Our plan to create a suite of surface-temperature data sets for analysis by the international climate community (Nature 465, 158–159; 2010) is now under way. In the interest of transparency, we announce the publication of 12 white papers that are available until 1 September for public comment through a moderated blog (http://www.surfacetemperatures.org).

These papers were solicited from across the scientific community — including statisticians and metrologists, who have not so far been strongly engaged in producing surface-temperature data sets. They cover a wide range of subjects, from construction of the raw databank to creation and assessment of climate quality data sets, and span the process from original measurement to dissemination of societally relevant information.

We welcome specific, constructive input from anyone, regardless of their expertise. We aim to represent this feedback at an international workshop on 7–9 September (see http://go.nature.com/bci8Gs).