Cyber warming: The greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide emitted specifically by the manufacture, operation and disposal of computers. A UK government task force has been set up to tackle the issue.

On the record

“We could not talk about a football World Cup, but about a World Cup at limited altitude.”

Bolivian President Evo Morales slams a decision by FIFA, soccer's governing body, to ban international matches at elevations above 2,500 metres.


Postage stamps

Dutch mail company TNT Post has launched a range of seedimpregnated stamps that can be planted after use, and will sprout a range of flowers.

US vacations

A survey shows that 20% of US holidaymakers take their laptops so they can stay in touch with the office — and some 40% check their work e-mail while they're supposed to be relaxing.

Number crunch

7 minutes 54 seconds is the average duration of coitus, according to a US survey.

14,191 kilometres is the distance travelled by Earth around the Sun during that time, British astronomers calculate.

143 million kilometres is the total amount the Earth moves during sex if you factor in the expansion of the Universe. For a precise, personalized distance based on your specific latitude (and performance), visit http://www.earthmove.info.

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