Number crunch

89,826 people attended the FA Cup Final on 19 May, the showcase event of the English football season.

688 food and drink outlets served hot dogs and beer to the hordes of fans at the brand new Wembley Stadium.

3,000 football pitches would fit into the ecological footprint of the event, according to researchers at Cardiff University — an estimate of the land area needed to make the food and drink, and to generate the energy for getting everyone and everything to the game.

Zoo news


Soft shell

Conservationists have found “an abundance” of Cantor's giant soft-shelled turtles (Pelochelys cantorii) at a former Khmer Rouge stronghold on the Mekong River in Cambodia, calming fears that the creature is nearly extinct.


Office workers

If your deskbound existence is making your waistline spread, never fear — the inventors of the 'office treadmill', which lets you work and walk at the same time, promise that users could lose up to 30 kilograms in a year.

Estonian businesses

The small Baltic country seems to be the victim of the world's first large-scale act of cyber war, as almost all government computers and many banking facilities were recently paralysed for several weeks by hackers. The highly coordinated nature of the disruption, coupled with recent tensions with Russian expatriates in Estonia, has led some to say that Russia was behind the attack.

Sources: The Guardian, BBC, ABC News