Credit: J. SHAW/NPA

Chinese pest control

Shanghai residents are being encouraged to breed fish that feed on mosquito larvae as an environmentally friendly way to combat this summer's expected plague of the insects.

Japanese condiments


A tube of wasabi has been banished from the International Space Station after astronaut Sunita Williams accidentally sprayed the cabin with it while treating herself to some zero-gravity sushi.

On the record

“There's a trend but the error is big (increase the N ), The rat's no good, use the guinea pig (increase the N ), The antibody's weak, the background high (increase the N ), My P value is bigger than pi (increase the N )”

Lyrics to Increase the N, a Ramones-esque tribute to science by Canadian rockers HEFE. To hear it, visit


Conservapedia: The new conservative encyclopaedia ( that allows conservative Christians to hit back at the 'inherent liberal bias' of Wikipedia. Under 'Global warming', for example, it warns us that “scientists are mostly liberal atheists, untroubled by the hubris that man can destroy the Earth which God gave him”.

Sources: Reuters, Associated Press, The World's Fair