Figure 1: Skulls of terror birds. | Nature

Figure 1: Skulls of terror birds.

From: Skull morphology of giant terror birds

Figure 1

a, Photograph of the skull (specimen BAR 3877-11; Museo Asociación Paleontológica Bariloche, Río Negro Province, Argentina). b-d, Reconstructions of BAR 3877-11 (b), Devincenzia pozzi (c) and Patagornis marshi (d) in occipital (left) and lateral (right) views. The skull of BAR 3877-11 was found by Guillermo Aguirre-Zabala, adjacent to a tarsometatarsus and fragments of pedal phalanges. Abbreviations: af, antorbital fenestra; en, external nares; j, jugal; o, orbit; oc, occcipital condyle. (Figure courtesy of S. Abramowicz.)

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