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Iran: productivity is not simple to evaluate

Nature volume 443, page 906 (26 October 2006) | Download Citation



Eran Meshorer, in Correspondence (“Iran is sixth, not second, in Middle East publication list” Nature 443, 271; 2006), states: “When the number of publications (see is corrected for population size, Iran becomes only the sixth in terms of scientific productivity.” However, the scientific productivity of a country is not the number of publications divided by the number of people. To evaluate productivity, one has to account for other important factors, such as publication citations. In addition, the NCBI website is mainly devoted to life-sciences journals and does not cover the main journals in other fields.

We can usually use our common sense to evaluate a country's scientific productivity from what we can observe of its output: an article at gives some background. But if a more systematic approach is desired, it is certain that there is no single formula that can provide a definitive ranking.

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  1. Department of Physiology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A8, Canada

    • Hamid Reza Maei


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