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    On the Record

    “I am the most loved woman in the world, the one with the smile full of mystery.”

    The Mona Lisa introduces herself, thanks to a Japanese forensics expert who claims that he has recreated the sound of her voice.

    “Like a 300-year-old Wal-Mart on the bottom of the ocean.”

    Explorer Barry Clifford describes the huge number of artefacts recovered from the wreck of the pirate ship Whydah off Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

    Sources: Associated Press, Los Angeles Times



    A UK botanist helps save wild asparagus by fertilizing one of the plant's few remaining females with pollen from male plants 200 km away.

    Publishing opportunities

    Bird flu gets a journal all to itself, as Blackwell launches Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses. For those tired of avian influenza, it will also, as advertised, cover a range of respiratory viruses.


    World health officials postpone smallpox's doom once more, as they fail to set a date for the destruction of the last stocks of the virus.

    Number crunch

    Drinking alcohol can make you do stupid things — and for some it can mean more than just a hangover. A few facts from a recent survey of drinkers attending hospital with injuries might give you pause as you reach for your glass.

    3.8% of drinking-related injuries are intentionally self-inflicted.

    14% of drinking-related injuries are intentionally inflicted by someone else.

    32.4% of drinking-related injuries result from falling or tripping, the most common source of harm.

    Source: Borges, G. et al. Bull. World Health Org. 84, 453–460 (2006)

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