Materials chemistry

A synthetic enamel for rapid tooth repair

Seamless fixing of an early caries lesion can be achieved without prior excavation.


The conventional treatment of dental caries involves mechanical removal of the affected part and filling of the hole with a resin or metal alloy1,2,3,4. But this method is not ideal for tiny early lesions5,6 because a disproportionate amount of healthy tooth must be removed to make the alloy or resin stick. Here we describe a dental paste of synthetic enamel that rapidly and seamlessly repairs early caries lesions by nanocrystalline growth, with minimal wastage of the natural enamel.

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Figure 1: Repair of an early caries lesion using a synthetic enamel paste.


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Author information

Correspondence to Kazue Yamagishi.

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The authors declare no competing financial interests.

Supplementary information

Supplementary Figure 1

The file is composed of two figure panels (a-b) that show an example of a tooth (extracted upper premolar) before (a) and after (b) repair using our paste. (JPG 41 kb)

Supplementary Figure 2a-f

The three files contain eight panels (a-h) showing laser confocal microscopy images of the dissolution process of a paste-repaired surface (a-c) and dental enamel (d-f) in acidic simulated saliva, plus dissolution rate measurements (g), and an SEM photograph of a paste-repaired tooth after a 10,000 times brushing test. (JPG 230 kb)

Supplementary Figure 2g (JPG 73 kb)

Supplementary Figure 2h (JPG 147 kb)

Supplementary figure captions (DOC 24 kb)

Supplementary Methods

The document describes the preparation of our paste and repair protocol for using the paste. The document also describes the chemical composition of APF solution and the conditions for the durability and acid tolerance tests as well as the chemical composition of simulated saliva. (DOC 21 kb)

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