Table 1: Rank order of nations based on share of top 1% of highly cited publications, 1997–2001

From: The scientific impact of nations

Table 1
  1. This part of the analysis uses a five-year publication window for all disciplines. For papers published 1993–97, the total accumulation of citations to the year 2002 is included. For papers published 1997–2001, the total number of citations to the year 2002 is also included but, given the shorter time period, fewer citations will have accumulated.
  2. The main source of internationally comparable data on research funding, staff and training is the OECD (see ‘statistics’ at Data also come from the 2002 editions of the Main Science and Technology Indicators and Basic Science and Technology Statistics. Accuracy and reliability are discussed in ref. 2. The Frascati Manual data definitions and their interpretations of OECD data have been adhered to wherever feasible.