Figure 1: Variation of WHR and SSI (mean±s. d.). | Nature

Figure 1: Variation of WHR and SSI (mean±s. d.).

From: Unique morphology of the human eye

Figure 1

Difference between habitat types was significant (WHR: F2,85=18.69, P P F2,85=10.86, P P Microcebus sp., Loris tardigradus, Perodicticus potto, Tarsius sp., Saguinus imperator, Pithecia monachus, Cacajao rubicundus, Cercopithecus hamlyni) were collected from books. 182 Japanese, 80 Caucasian8 and 68 Afro-Caribbean8,9 adults were observed. Images were analysed using the NIH Image program. WHR=distance between the corners of the eye/longest perpendicular line between the upper and lower eyelid; SSI=width of exposed eyeball/diameter of iris.

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