Hydrothermal syntheses and structural characterization of zeolite analogue compounds based on cobalt phosphate


Zeolite analogues containing transition metals are highly desirable for industrial processes. A generalized synthesis method has been developed and demonstrated to have the potential to generate many transition-metal-rich zeolite-type structures. The method has been used to make zeolite analogues based on cobalt phosphate with diverse chemical compositions and structure types, including some analogues never previously synthesized and some zeolite-like structures only previously known theoretically. The concentrations of transition-metal atoms in the frameworks can be controlled by varying the charge and geometry of the structure-directing amine molecules.

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Figure 1: Projected down the a-axis, an infinite sheet formed from the linking of fibrous chains in ACP-THO2.
Figure 2: The tetrahedral atom connectivity diagram showing the body-centred cubic arrangement of the double 4-ring units in ACP-1.
Figure 3: An infinite sheet formed by linking double saw (ss) chains along the crystallographic a-axis in ACP-2.
Figure 4: The 8-ring channels viewed down the c-axis in ACP-2.


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We thank D. Pierce from the Department of Geological Sciences for help with the electron probe microanalysis. This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation.

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Correspondence to Galen D. Stucky.

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