Endothelin-converting enzyme-1 is expressed in human cerebral cortex and protects against Alzheimer's disease

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The subregional pattern of expression of ECE-1 in human hippocampus is inversely correlated with susceptibility to amyloid deposits. (a) A β immunostaining in the hippocampus of a 82-year-old subject with mild cognitive impairment shows presence of senile plaques (brown blots) in the CA1 field and very few lesions in the CA2 to CA4 fields; g.d.: gyrus dentatus. Bar=1 mm. (b) ECE-1 immunostaining in the CA1 field (in brown) shows weak immunoreactivity in pyramidal neurons. Bar=100 μm. (c) ECE-1 immunostaining in a close region of the CA2 field (devoid of plaques) shows a much higher expression of ECE-1 in pyramidal neurons. Bar=100 μm. For more information on this topic, please see the article by Funalot et al. on page 1124–1130.

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