Table 2 Changes in sexual function in ageing men

From: The role of the ‘lifestyle’ label and negative bias in the allocation of health resources for erectile dysfunction drugs: an ethics-based appraisal

Function Effect Comment
Hormones Reduced levels of serum T and free T Not linked to ED in studies
  Increased serum oestradiol  
Desire Reduced Variable: depends on T level, desire of partner, duration of relationship, baseline libido
Erection Takes longer to achieve Variable: depends on ‘use or lose’ principle
  Reduced number of morning erections  
  Reduced penile sensitivity  
Ejaculation Reduced volume of ejaculate  
  Reduced force of expulsion  
Refractory period Prolonged  
  1. T=testosterone.
  2. Source: Seidman (Table 1 and text)6 and the First International Consultation on ED.4