Table 3 Statistical comparisons

From: Evoked cavernous activity: measuring penile autonomic innervation following pelvic surgery

Comparisons Amplitudes Latencies
L-ECA vs R-ECA 0.044 0.277
L-ECA vs hand SSR 0.000 0.016
R-ECA vs hand SSR 0.000 0.006
L-ECA vs foot SSR 0.000 0.079
R-ECA vs foot SSR 0.000 0.293
Foot vs hand SSR 0.02 0.000
  1. The P-values of the Wilcoxon rank sum tests are presented. The foot SSR and ECA amplitudes are uniformly smaller than those of hand SSR responses on both left (L) and right (R) sides. ECA latencies are longer than hand SSR latencies because of the longer neural pathways impulses must travel from the central nervous system to the end-organ. For the same reason, ECA and foot SSR latencies are similar, as the nerve pathways are of approximate lengths. The significant P-values are bold typed.