Co-occurrence of sexual dysfunction within young married couple dyads living in rural China: a population-based study


A total of 298 randomly selected married couple dyads in rural China were studied. Sexual dysfunction (SD) was reported by 84 (28.2%) of the husbands and 136 (45.6%) of the wives. Co-occurrence of SD was reported by 51 of the married couples; hence, SD co-occurred in the spouses of 60.7% of the husbands with SD and 37.5% of wives reporting SD. Pain during intercourse but not other SD of the wives was associated with SD of the husbands. Men's SD including inability to achieve orgasm, finding sex not pleasurable and lack of interest in sex, but not premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, were associated with the presence of SD among the wives. Decision-making control on sexual matters, communication between the spouses on sexual problems, the seeking of professional help, perceived adequacy of sexual knowledge as well as mental health and vitality quality of life indices were associated with co-occurrence of SD within the couple dyads.

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