Table 2 Comparison of IIEF scores in various subgroups

From: Sildenafil citrate vs intracavernous alprostadil for patients with arteriogenic erectile dysfunction: a randomised placebo controlled study

Group Before treatment After treatment Significance before vs after
A (no vasculop.) PGE1 1–3 times/week (vasculop.) 15.1±4.6 21.9±2.8 P<0.001
S (no vasculop.) (oral sildenafil) 25 mg at bedtime/night × 1 month 12.5±3.9 18.2±2.7 P<0.05
Av (vasculop.) PGE1 1–3 times/week (vasculop.) 14.5±4.9 19.7±5.6 P<0.05
Sv (vasculop.) (oral sildenafil) 25 mg at bedtime/ night × 1 month 13.3±7.1 20.6±8.6 P<0.05
P (vasculop.) (placebo) at bedtime/night for 1 month 10.5±8.1 12.0±10.5 P>0.05
  1. Data were reported as mean ± s.d. All subgroups except placebo obtained good performances (total score ≥18) as tested by IIEF erectile function domain (questions 1,2,3,4,5 and 15). (Each IIEF domain was scored from 0 to 5: 0=did not attempt intercourse, 1=never/occasionally, 2=less than half the time, 3=sometimes/half the time, 4=more than half the time, 5=almost always.) The total score was calculated by totaling and taking mean of the response to all six domains of IIEF-15.